Getting Excited for Spring

It’s starting to feel like spring here in central Minnesota. We’ve had some warm spells earlier this year, but usually they would only last a couple days and then it would get cold again. However, it looks like spring might actually be here. The snow piles are almost all gone, the ice is starting to move out of the lakes, and the geese are back. It doesn’t hurt when you breathe outside, and you don’t have to bundle up in your down coats, hats, and mittens before going outside.

Spring is my favorite season. I love the change of the weather, and the hope for warmer weather. It’s the only time of year when 40ºF can feel like a heat wave and you decide it’s time to break out the spring shoes and stop wearing socks. I frequently start to switch over to my spring wardrobe slightly too early, usually because I’m so excited for spring and because I want to wear my new spring clothes. Then I’ll suffer through about a month of being too cold, but too stubborn to go back to my winter clothes. It happens every year, but I always enjoy it. I do the same thing with my bed, switching out my winter flannel sheets and warm quilts for normal sheets and a normal blanket. I’ll have to throw an extra blanket on my bed for a while until it gets warm enough.

Spring makes me happy. I feel better when the days are longer, with it getting lighter early in the morning and staying light later into the evening. I love being able to start to open my windows and get some fresh air. Usually it’s a bit brisk, but it’s still refreshing and very nice to be able to air out my apartment. I love to hear the birds chirping. It always reminds me of my childhood and hearing the birds through my grandma’s open windows. Driving around town with my car window open is truly delightful. I look forward to the first time in the late winter when I hear the geese flying overhead. While I frequently get annoyed with the geese once they all come back and are everywhere around any small body of water, I still like when the geese return. It means that winter is ending.

Spring means that it’s almost time to go camping. One year we went camping the first weekend in May when the campground first opened for the year, and it snowed on us. While it was very cold, it was still nice to get out in nature. The woods always smell fresh and clean. It’s cool to be able to see the new buds on the trees and to see flowers start to come up in the woods. I love the peace and quiet you get in the woods. Sitting by the campfire can be very calming, feeling the warmth on my face and watching the flickering of the flames. It’s a simple thing that brings me happiness.

Sometimes it’s finding the simple things that bring you happiness, and the small things that come with spring make me happy.




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