Letting Annoyances Go

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about some of the obstacles in my quest towards happiness. One of my main issues is that I get annoyed at things very easily. I get annoyed at things that I shouldn’t even get annoyed at and that aren’t worth my time and energy. I’ll get annoyed at geese who are standing in the parking lot, making me wait for them to move on my way to work. I get annoyed if a sports game ran long on tv and messed up the tv schedule, causing my Tivo to only end up recording part of my show. I’ll get annoyed if I only have two frozen taquitos left in the package, but I usually eat three for supper.

These things may be annoying, but they really shouldn’t bother me that much. There is nothing that I can do to make one more taquito suddenly appear in the freezer, so why let it put me in a bad mood? There are seriously so many other bad things that could happen, and the worst thing that may be happening that day is that I have to also eat half a bowl of cereal for supper because I didn’t have enough taquitos? That’s really not bad at all.

I also find myself getting annoyed at people. It can be very frustrating when I have been talking about a problem at work, and a co-worker decides that he also needs to comment on the problem even though it doesn’t involve him at all. However, I have been actively working on trying to pay attention to myself and noticing when I find myself getting annoyed. When I do, I try to remember that it really isn’t important and to just let it go. Keeping a calm attitude at work makes me much more able to handle problems as they arise  and to be trusted to fix them.

The whole act of just being aware of my thoughts and if I’m feeling annoyed about something has started to change the way that I feel. I still get annoyed at things, but I am quick to think about it, decide if it is truly worth my time, and usually let it go. This is a very freeing and uplifting feeling and I have quite been enjoying it.

This quest to happiness isn’t just about finding a path towards being truly happy, it’s also about finding thing things that are standing in my path towards happiness. While it is often times more fun to start doing more happy things, it’s also very important to think about the less happy things and figure out how you can start to lessen their impact on your life. You can either add to the positive, or take away from the negative, but all in all, you’re still working towards the same goal.




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