Being Thankful

Today I’ve been thinking a lot about being thankful and the “reflecting in gratitude” item that is in the 10 things you should do every day before 10 AM. I have been very fortunate to have a relatively easy life with a lot of opportunities. This is something that I know that I’ve taken for granted, and I’ve decided that I should start to think more about being thankful for the good things that have happened to me already.

I’m thankful that I am so close to my family. Even now that I’m in my mid-twenties, I still go on family vacations with my parents and younger brother. I’ll come home on weekends to go camping with them. I genuinely enjoy spending time with both of my parents and my brother, and I feel very lucky that I have those relationships. While I may have not always gotten along with my brother when we were growing up, I now consider him to be my best friend. We have very similar senses of humor, probably from growing up in the same environment. He’ll be talking to me and say “You remember that guy from that thing?” and I’ll know exactly what guy from what thing. Sometimes people think that we’re weird together because we frequently just start making odd noises and laughing, but that’s what makes our relationship fun.

I’m thankful that I’ve done so much traveling. Throughout my life, my family didn’t go on the traditional family vacations. We never went on big road trips. I’ve never been to a theme park. The only time that my family went to Florida was to visit Kennedy Space Center. We’ve also visited Johnson Space Center, in Houston, TX, in case you were wondering. A lot of our vacations either involved visiting family, who have lived in Northern California, Boston, and Alabama, or have been to National Parks. I’ve seen mountains, oceans, deserts, volcanoes, and forests. I’ve seen huge metropolitan cities and places where you drive for miles and miles and don’t see another car. I’ve gotten to experience all those things with my family, which made those vacations even more special.

I’m thankful for books. I’ve loved reading ever since I learned in 1st grade. I devoured every book that the teacher would give me, and the teacher would even let me borrow books from her own bookshelf. I started reading Agatha Christie books in 5th grade because they were a good murder mystery but appropriate for an 11 year old. By the time I was in middle school, I was reading at a college level. Reading has always been an escape for me. I can be in the 18th century, or in the 22nd century. I can be trying to find a cure for a pending epidemic, or fighting in a medieval battle. When I’m sad, books can cheer me up. When I’m happy, books will keep me happy. Reading will always be there for me.

I’m thankful for countless other things, but these are just a few things that I’m particularly thankful for today. I have found that it’s good to remember these things, especially when continuing on this quest to happiness.




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