Daily Intention

If you read my previous post about 10 things you should do before 10 AM, you’ll know that one of the items is to set a daily intention. The article says that you should set three goals for yourself each day, but I don’t follow that. I tend to think just one goal for the day. Most of the time it isn’t even a goal in the traditional sense, it’s just something that I want to change for that day.

I feel like it’s easy to say that my intention/goal for the day is to finish some project at work, or to clean the bathroom. However, I don’t feel like that is meaningful to me. I already keep a simplified bullet journal where I write down my to-do items for the day, but I am good at not overloading myself with too many things to do each day. What I prefer to do with the daily intention is to make it about how I want to feel for that day.

I might choose to think of something positive every time I might think of something as being negative. Or I might remind myself that day to not get annoyed about small things, such as not finding a close parking spot to the door at work or if I don’t agree with something that someone says. Changing your entire viewpoint can often be difficult and hard to break out of old habits, but I have found that changing something for just one day makes it a lot easier. If I gently remind myself to not get annoyed with things one day, then it tends to follow me to other days. Even though it may no longer be my intention for that day, I’ll still find myself trying to let go of annoyance and move on.

I have never been one for New Year’s resolutions, mainly because I have never felt that I had anything that I majorly wanted to change. Also, I always felt that it was a bit silly to wait until one day a year to start a resolution. Fortunately I do feel that way, otherwise I would have had to wait about 9 months to start this quest for happiness, rather than starting it whenever I decided it was the right time for me, which happened to be the middle of March. Anyway, these daily intentions almost feel like mini resolutions to me, where you only have to keep them for one day and can change them up to fit how you’re feeling. That’s what I really like about them. There is no long term commitment to something that I’m not sure I’ll want in a couple months. If I have been feeling annoyed lately, I can tailor them to try to curb that annoyance. If I feel that I need a reminder to be positive or remember that I’m a great person, then I can do that too. It just works for me.

I think it’s a useful reminder for everyone that goals don’t always have to be about completing tasks. They can also be about changing how you think for the better, so that you’re a happier person overall.




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