First Steps

One of the first things that I’m doing on this quest for happiness is something that I once read an article about online. It was about 10 things that you should do before 10 AM every day ( They are things that are supposed to make you feel better, feel more productive, and be a better and happier person.

It’s been pretty easy to incorporate these things into my everyday routine.  When my alarm used to go off in the morning, I would turn it off and then lie in bed for about 5 minutes before actually getting up. Now, I use a guided meditation app to meditate for 5 minutes before getting out of bed. I feel relaxed at the start of my day, but also more awake than if I had just spent that extra 5 minutes lying in bed.

I do some light stretching while standing in front of my closet, looking at my clothes before I get dressed. While getting ready in the bathroom, I have started listening to classical music, which I find relaxing, drink a glass of water, and also thinking about three things every days for which I’m grateful. I always wash and put away my breakfast dishes before I go to work, and make sure that I smile at people when I’m walking to my desk at work.

The last three things are a bit more difficult for me. One of them is to pad your schedule, which doesn’t always relate to me. If I have a lot of meetings one day, there isn’t really anything I can do about it. Most days I don’t have too much scheduled and don’t feel like it’s especially necessary to pad my schedule. I have been trying to do my hardest task first, and some days I like that because it feels good to tackle the project and I feel good when it’s finally accomplished. However, sometimes I feel like it would be more productive to work on multiple easier tasks and get those done in the same amount of time that it would take for me to finish the hardest task.

The final task, and the one that usually takes me the longest, is to set my daily intention. I’m not sure if I do it the same way that most people do it, and I don’t do it the same every day. Mostly I just decide how I want to feel that day and what I need to do to make it happen. Some days it’ll be as simple as trying to think positive thoughts instead of negative thoughts, and other days it’ll be reminding myself that I’m an awesome person.

I have a little notebook that I write down the task list each day, check off each item as I complete it, and also record my daily intention. It was helpful in the beginning to remember all 10 items to do, and now I just like being able to feel like I’ve completed something every morning. It may not be a big step in my quest towards happiness, but I feel like it’s something, and that’s what counts.




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